I am a faggot, currently trying to coax my partner to awaken his Alpha. He gives me tastes here and there, but nothing lasting. He hasn’t cunted me, I am caged, though that’s mostly my choice, not his. 
He’s told me before how he’s afraid of the darkness inside him, which turns me on so fucking much. I love him, but as a faggot I know I need to serve an Alpha who demands worship. But sometimes I wonder if he’s uncomfortable with worship because he himself is religious. I’m curious if you’ve come across anyone in a similar situation and if you have any advice for this faggot. Thank you 

Brother, you present an interesting dilemma. I don’t mean to suggest anything bad about your Alpha, but I do sometimes think faggots see some Men as Alphas even though they may not be or may not want to be.
But, for the sake of argument, let’s assume he is an Alpha. Some Alphas really need to be coaxed to assume their natural role and accept their natural feelings. This can happen if you are willing to really submit deeply to him. Greet him at the door on your knees and kiss his feet when he enters. Cook him meals and serve them while kneeling beside him or busying yourself with cleaning up. Kneel beside the chair/couch while he watches television or plays video games. Basically what I’m suggesting is that you remove the affection of a boyfriend relationship and replace it with a more pronounced Master/servant dynamic. 
By doing this, you might be able to draw the Alpha out in him. The idea is to awaken his Alpha hunting instinct and make him want to pounce on you. It’s worked in the past. Hopefully it can work here.

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