My man’s condom broke when he was fucking me and he said he didn’t know so he came inside I’m literally terrified I got something even though he tested negative for hiv the experience was so horrible i may never have sex again!

Isn’t it terrible that sex has been reduced to this kind of hysteria? 

Look, you’re just fine. Do you realize that scientists who have studied HIV statistics and conversion rates estimate that it might take as many as 20 direct contacts with a significant amount of an unmedicated HIV+ person’s contaminated fluid to even sero-convert? This is one reason (of many) why the number of HIV+ people has remained so low after nearly 40 years of a so-called epidemic. It’s not a particularly easy thing to catch. 

Additionally, you call this person “My Man,” but you seem to have no trust in him whatsoever. He says he’s negative. Ask to see those results. Go together to the clinic and get tested together. 

I can 100% guarantee you that you are perfectly fine. But rather than freak out, take some action and calm down.