I don’t know the ins-and-outs of what goes through a fag’s mind.  Cunting is kind of like the old Supreme Court definition of obscenity: I know it when I see it. Virgins are few and far between for me, but even with bottoms who have been topped there is something ‘new’ when I fuck them.  The usual shivering you describe, occasional tears, breathlessness – all of this is there. Maybe it’s the sense of rush because – when it comes down to it – these guys (and women) want to be taken and taken good.  There’s also the feeling of powerlessness, I guess.  I can’t be sure what the bottom experiences and what’s different from any other guy who has fucked them. To be honest, it wasn’t until I saw more gay porn that I even had the idea that what I saw, and what my bottoms experienced, wasn’t remotely typical.

Thank you for writing! You make an interesting point. Perhaps you are accidentally every faggot you fuck, but generally speaking, cunting is a specific event unrelated to virginal status or experience with Men. I was certainly cunted long after I lost my virginity, and I wasn’t cunted by every Man who fucked me. The same has been true with every faggot I’ve ever interviewed about this phenomenon. 
I think it would be instructive to talk to you, Sir. You might have some Alpha perspective that could shed some light on this. If you have a chance, please write to me at fagsworshipalphas@gmail.com! Thank you Sir!

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