I recently moved into a new neighborhood.  I got to know my neighbors and they had a 15-year-old son.  He was awkward, nerdy, and seemingly anxious.  Admittedly, I like that kind of “prey” when they’re not underage.   However, this fucker has started trying to seduce me.  It started as minor things: bringing gifts over, spending time at my house, compliments, etc.  Then it escalated to him showing up shirtless this summer.  He’s touchy-feely.  He’s so awkward about it that it borders on adorable, but he’s really trying hard to bait me.  He saw someone leaving my house last weekend (a guy I fuck regularly) and then he started asking questions and I can tell from his goddamn Cheshire grin that he has an inkling that there was at least fucking involved. He’s hormonal as hell.  I know how that was.  He’s remarkably bold for an otherwise nerdy fag.  I guess I’m “safe” because he has plausible deniability from never actually saying “fuck me” and that he can get more openly randy with me figuring I won’t likely beat the shit out of him.  But I wish he would stop.  He’s getting bolder though. Any ideas?

This is an interesting “problem” to have!

We all know how it was when we were 15 years old and horny for older people. I had a neighbor (straight, married) that I wanted to suck off at that age, but fortunately I very rarely ever saw him so it never developed. So I sympathize with this young faggot stalking you.

The nice thing about this scenario is that this 15-year-old faggot will eventually be an 18-year-old faggot that you can then enslave as your new servant. Until then, it might be fun to enjoy the show while restraining yourself. Hell, you could even tease the little bastard, too. 

When I was in my early twenties I got to be friends with a couple of Alphas who were 15/16 years old. They knew exactly what I was, and took great delight in teasing me with their feet and cocks. They would often tell me to give them foot rubs and pedicures. I never had underage sex with them, but it was fun to let them tease me. 

I just think you should enjoy the attention for what it means about you and your power, Sir. Also, bear in mind that allowing this young faggot crush on you is helping the faggot feel comfortable with its burgeoning purpose as a slave for Men. Hierarchically, you are doing the Lord’s work, Sir.