Hey brother Sam. I’m 21. I have a thing for older guys especially married guys in their 40’s. I have so far served three men with a wife and kids. Initially I had no qualms about serving a married guy. He later on felt guilty and ended it. The second guy his wife caught him and sent me a heartbreaking text message (she thought I was a girl apparently he labeled my contact as such in his phone). The third guy is very careful, we only meet in a rented room, he pays cash and so on. Recently I’ve been thinking maybe what I’m doing is just wrong! I don’t know but I’ve been feeling kind of shitty about it. Am I doing something wrong here?Am I destroying a family here? my initial thinking if it wasn’t me it’s someone else so it may as well be me! a guy who wants to fuck will fuck! I’d appreciate your input here. Thanks brother! 

Look, you don’t necessarily need to feel bad about servicing a married Alpha. He’s going to fuck around with someone else in order to get what he wants, right? You’re born to serve Men like him. So it works out. More often than no you don’t break up a family as much as you allow the Alpha to blow off steam so he can maintain his family.
But if it’s bothering you enough, then you should stop. You’re not under any obligation to keep going simply because you’re a faggot. 

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