Can Alphas serve and worship other alphas? im an Alpha ( I believe ) but recently I’ve been craving to be dominated but it feels faggy for me to do so like I can’t submit completely  to someone but like I’m interested in worshiping other men and some men are just so fucking sexy that it’s so hard to not want to worship them but like I won’t because it’s not in my nature to be a fag what do you think

Thank you for writing to me Sir!
Yes, it is possible for Alphas to worship other Alphas. In the Hierarchical model I’ve described (CLICK HERE for more detail), there are multiple levels of Alpha Males.
Each level down is “subservient” to the ones above. 
Keep in mind that the submissiveness I’m talking about among these Alphas occurs largely subconsciously. It’s not like a faggot, which is literally submissive and literally a slave to Alphas. Between Alphas, the submission is expressed in forms like admiration, respect, or imitation. When you meet these upper-level Alphas, you might subconsciously think that they are better looking or better than you socially or financially, and you want to be near them or cater to them. This is very natural, and not at all like a faggot.
You probably feel it’s sexual because Men equate power dynamics with sex. You can get “turned on” by your own power, or the power someone has over you. It has nothing to do with your sexuality or your Hierarchical position, Sir. It simply means that you’re sensitive to power dynamics and turned on by it. 
If you’re overly curious about it, then perhaps find a fellow Alpha you particularly respect and submit to him. See how it feels for you. It can’t hurt you to try, Sir. Otherwise, I wouldn’t worry about it … this is relatively normal for Alphas.

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