I’ve been getting into this D/s, Master/slave, Alpha/faggot dynamics. When I first got into it I tried submitting and found that…enjoyable at times, but it always felt like work and I always kept thinking that these “Alphas” were subpar. I could just be the luck of the draw but I only had bad experiences. 
Recently I have been Dominant and boy does that hit differently. I think I prefer it frankly. I get more satisfaction.
Still somewhat curious about submission, but I think that’s more out of a desire to have new experiences.
Would you suppose this dissonance with submitting might imply Alpha hood? I enjoy it more.

Sir, thank you for writing to me!
Congratulations on your journey into the realm of Hierarchy! I think you have already learned that this is really the truth about human sexuality, and when we explore this dynamic and fulfill our individual purpose we can find peace.
Which brings us to you. Please know up front that you are not alone with this unusual experience. I’ve encountered and counseled Alphas like you who mistakenly thought they might be a sub or a faggot. 
Why does this confusion occur? In some cases, I discovered that the Alpha had some sort of childhood experience or trauma that caused him to think he was a faggot. But overall, I think people who are unsure of their sexual preferences (like you) gravitate toward faggotry first because it is the more extreme position. Then, once they try it and find themselves unsatisfied, they realize that they are probably Alpha (and this is verified through experiences). 
That latter example perfectly describes you, Sir.
I absolutely think you have been a latent Alpha waiting to blossom. I think as you use more faggots and even own some, you will find the power your soul has been craving will grow and you will begin to feel “home” with yourself and your place. 
Sir, I really commend you for being honest with yourself and approaching the problem with healthy curiosity and humility! You are finding your way, and I couldn’t be happier for you, for the faggots who get to serve you, and for the Hierarchy at large. We are all better for it!

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