This slave is married and, as per its Master, remaining chaste sexually to honor its husband.  Its husband has ED and a bad heart, so “the little blue pill” is not an option.  Master Max requires this slave to practice its ass with a dildo daily.
Is it possible for a faggot to self cunt with a dildo?  

I personally don’t think it’s possible to self-cunt. Cunting is both a physical and emotional process that often requires incredibly powerful rutting to occur. That’s just not possible to replicate with a dildo or vibrator.
Would your husband (or Master Max) be opposed to you finding an Alpha that can give you this experience? 
Here’s why I ask this – not only would you need an Alpha in order to be cunted, but also faggots do need to be fucked and bred in a general sense anyway. Faggots are like flowers that wither and die without regular feedings. Without the discipline of Male cum, faggots tend to go off-course.
But I don’t mean to step on anyone’s toes here. Ultimately it’s your relationship, and you’ll need to make decisions about what’s right for YOU. 

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