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Hey there! I am a 15 year old faggot and I adore your stuff. It relates so well with me. I’ve always looked at other boys differently. I felt as if they were stronger…sexier…more masculine than me. Since then I’ve looked at your hierarchy and I realized quite clearly that I am a pathetic faggot. It all made sense. Whenever I am near another boy, my legs get wobbly and I feel the natural urge to get on my knees and suck his dick. I also realized that I wanted other boys to treat me like they do to girls. I wanted them to make me into their bitch. I fully embrace the fact that I am a faggot born to serve superior men and I can not wait to start serving other boys and be permanently on my knees. I desperately want to serve an alpha male and I know there are a few superior boys around school that I would love to become their personal faggot. I want them to be able to force me on my knees and have me serve them and I want them to enjoy being superior. I crave for them to be satisfied and I would do anything to make sure another boy’s superior seed is inside me. I want them to be able to tell everyone at school that I’m their personal faggot and that they are free to fuck me since I was born as a faggot and to please other boys. I want their superior cock to penetrate me hard and put me in my place as the women in the relationship, if I am even worthy to be called a woman and not a faggot. I want to serve their every needs. For example, I want to be able to make them food and serve it to them, and then they take it, they immediately push me down on my knees and enters their cock into my mouth to be served. Me being the women I am, sucks his cock while he enjoys his meal that I just created for him. I’m sorry for rambling for so long without asking my question, I just could not help but ramble on about how much I want to be another man’s bitch. My question is: should I go out of my way and become another mans faggot right now? Like can go to another boy and become his personal bitch for the rest of my high school career and maybe even my life? I really want to serve another man and I’m not sure if I should wait. This natural instinct to serve superior alpha men is really building up on me. What do I do?

First of all … yikes!

Little brother, yes you can definitely start now. Just make sure it’s a boy your age, okay?

High school can be difficult to navigate, but you know one thing for sure: every boy in your school is aching to have a mouth around his cock! One of the keys to successful marketing is having an eager, receptive audience. A high school of horny teenage boys is the definition of an eager audience!
 Boys at that age are suckers for compliments and encouragement about their athletic prowess, attractiveness, and sex appeal. There are ways to do this in the right setting. 

Once they figure out they have an eager cocksucker in their midst, they will pounce like a pack of ravenous wolves!

Don’t be ashamed or afraid. You have what they want. You will find success! Keep me updated!

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