Do you think truly superior str8 alpha’s have different pheromones — do they emit a superior taste and smell than regular males? I ask because I love to eat sniff lick and worship str8 alpha ass– but ONLY the ass of a superior alpha male. I find there is a definite difference that goes right to my senses that an alpha actually exudes a different smell and taste.  Licking beta or female ass is disgusting to me but not alpha ass.  Thoughts? 

I haven’t smelled every Alpha who has ever lived, but in my relatively large sampling, I have noticed there is a certain sweetness about the scents of Alphas. I would love for there to be a way to prove this theory scientifically, but sampling and testing so far have been inconclusive. However, I can say in my case I have probably been reacting to the pheromone androstenone, which emits an attractive, sweet odor. So in my mind I tend to think of Alphas when I smell that particular pheromone.
I suspect you are reacting to that pheromone as well, my brother.  

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