So am I fucked up to think that I want to be sold as a sex slave to men of all ages (preferably men that are older than me) which by the way I’m 23 years old. I’ve been reading a lot of the gay side of human trafficking and how those men treat their slaves and all.

I remember reading an article about the men threaten the slaves and blackmailed them and “exposing” them as cocksucking whores to their family and friends just to keep them in line. I’ve learned that men get paid like $5,000 or more per WEEK or DAYS just by keeping them in checked.

It’s just hot to think about the men enjoying their lives in luxury with his family and friends while the slave spend it’s rest of it’s life miserable and suffering while making the men lives better.

I’ve been thinking about this stuff at the age of 13 or 14 I wish I knew a man who could’ve make me a human sex trafficking slave at that time and age hell I still want to be one to this day.

Fantasies are often hotter and more enjoyable than reality, brother.  

That said, I’ve known faggots who have served as literal slaves to Men, and I’ve known of faggots who have been sold on black markets. In other words, these things you’re imagining do exist. 

But I don’t know what you might think of such a thing once you found yourself trapped in it. You might be wise to deny yourself of this particular fantasy. 

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