I’m a follower, what happened really between the two?

Nobody publicly has all of the answers yet, but from what I understand Zilv left Rourke for a boy three years younger. 
This is the ugly side of Alpha behavior. The wandering eye, the bloodlust, the thrill of the hunt.
Here’s what I don’t understand: Alphas all around the world have stables of faggots who all work together to serve their Alpha. Hell, Master Nick – a straight Alpha like Zilv – currently owns four live-in faggots and it works just fine. Why the hell couldn’t Zilv have just brought in this younger faggot to serve alongside Rourke? From what I understand about Rourke, he would’ve done virtually anything Zilv demanded. 
And I think having a stable of faggots all serving Zilv would’ve been an on-brand (and unique) aspect to their Pornhub act, too! The answer was so simple and blatantly obvious.
Instead, in a hot-blooded moment of pure ego, Zilv trashed Rourke publicly for a younger model. It’s absolutely shameful and reprehensible behavior on Zilv’s part. In the process, he’s crushed an adorable, loving boy who unwittingly fell in love with a selfish pig. Rourke deserved much better than that.
I’ve made the prediction many times already, but I’ll repeat it: Rourke was the draw of that Pornhub channel, and this idiotic move by Zilv will destroy his career in porn. The backlash has been so furious already that Zilv has been forced to go “private” on his social media. That scarlet letter will be etched on his forehead for all time.
As for Rourke, once he recovers from this undeserved humiliation he will get back up and he will be able to do whatever he wants. He has an adoring fanbase who will follow him wherever he goes. He could do a fucking cooking show on YouTube and I would watch it religiously. 
To Rourke (who isn’t reading this, I’m sure): Keep your chin up, baby brother. We are all surrounding you and sending you love. Don’t shut out the world because the world is with you.  

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