I understand the frustration of millions of people for losing the few million videos on pornhub. I’m frustrated too. There were numerous ”go-to” videos of mine that guaranteed a MIND-BLOWING nut.  And while there are ultra-righteous groups out there dedicated to removing any sort of pornography or something their religion finds objectionable because they themselves don’t know how to satisfy their spouse and have lamer sex than an 85 year old Mormon priest…I also think that the sacrifice is worth it. And that’s coming from an Alpha who needs to cum numerous times a day. Pornhub cited that they found over 100 child abuse videos on their site. Are they the only site that has this? No. Were they even the site with the most? Not by a long shot. However, if it helps protect children or gives the disgusting people that upload crap like that one less platform to do so. Then I’m willing to lose millions of videos in exchange. Sure it sucks. But, I’d rather know that the site that I’m using actually gives a crap about getting content like that off of their platform and is taking security measures to resolve it. Unlike facebook, tumblr, or other websites. It’s not like there aren’t dozens of other sites to go to to get your nut and that the videos will be uploaded to. Porn is everywhere. So frankly, whining about Pornhub is just a waste of time. I understand censorship, freedom of speech and all that, but consciously – I’d rather sacrifice a few million videos that I’ll never in my life watch and get rid of 100 instances of child porn than to keep the cp there and pretend like it’s not a problem. ”Only remove those cp videos then” that doesn’t eliminate the reason they were able to uploaded in the first place. It doesn’t place a direct trace on the perverts that do it. They don’t have to register and become verified members. So I don’t know. I’m sure it’s not popular opinion. But honestly, there are so many alternatives out there. I’m glad PornHub is sticking up for this, especially how wide their user-base is. This was NOT an easy decision and they definitely did not have to listen. But I hope other porn sites follow in their footsteps honestly. There are a lot of other added benefits to this too. Maybe I’m dumb. Maybe I’m just not ”Alpha enough” but those are just my two cents.

Sir, thank you for your opinion! Of course the opinion of Alphas matter – you are the rulers of our world! On controversial topics like this we look to our Kings for guidance!
I largely agree with what you’re saying, Sir. However, I do have an issue with the manner by which Pornhub executed this censorship. Many creators had their material wiped away with a careless keystroke and no warning. As someone who has had that happen multiple times to all of my hard work (on Tumblr and Twitter), I can tell you it really sucks. There is probably a better way to handle it than the way Pornhub did.
I hope you understand, Sir! Thank you for writing!

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