I am an older Alpha (49) who tends to like the younger fags. I dismissed a fag who thought he ask me for money just because he was younger (21) when he left he had the nerve to tell my other young fag that he should leave. Now the other fag has been with me for 2 years and would never leave, but the dismissed fag said I was a predator. I don’t feel I am but it has me thinking. Could he be right?

Thank you for writing, Sir!

My goodness, that faggot is not only completely wrong, but also disgusting and hateful. You should be grateful that such a hateful, toxic presence is no longer involved in your life!  

This stupid little faggot doesn’t understand how Men operate. Most Men enjoy young, fresh meat. Their constantly-wandering eye is always captured by the next young thing, the next new thing. 

You’re just being a MAN, Sir. You’re not a predator. These faggots are in their early twenties, not their early teens. 

Brush this idiotic comment off, Sir. The fact that these young faggots submit to you (and, in the case of one, are quite faithful to you) is a testament to your enduring Alphahood. You should be lauded, not defamed.

I hope that makes you feel better, Sir, because you deserve it! 

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