Hi, I am a new faggot, and am wondering how many alphas love their fags in panties. Will you please answer. Thanks

Many Alphas love to put their faggots in panties (almost entirely straight Alphas – duh). The feminization of faggots is very common for Alphas. They like to see their power used to transform a faggot into something new. They also like something to conceal the faggot’s dicklet because most of them don’t want to look at that part of a faggot’s body. Jock straps accomplish that, but panties do the same thing in a more attractive way. 
I’ve known faggots that hate wearing female panties, but most tend to like it. First of all, it turns their Alphas on. And secondly, the faggots feel sexier while wearing them. Honestly, it’s a win/win.  

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