I disagree with you. People can be dom, sub and switch. Why do you say that swtch doesn’t exist. I love to fuck and dominate women, and still have this fantasy of being sub with a muscular man, it’s just sex, it’s a role play, you cant understand that because you are jealous.

Thank you Sir. The problem with you is that your scenario about being a switch isn’t real. You have an UNREALIZED FANTASY about submitting to a muscular dominant Man, but you haven’t done it. 

I am not jealous (nor do I know of whom I am supposedly jealous) of anyone. I’m speaking from experience. People sometimes begin their sexual life as a switch, but eventually gravitate to one or the other after many experiences.

In your case, you have ZERO experiences submitting to an Alpha Male. Stop being a coward and go experience this fantasy in the real world, and then come back and tell me how you feel. 

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