Hey I wanted to comment on cultural differences. I am working hurricane relief for a company in Puerto Rico. I can tell you these men dont appreciate gay offerings of any type, I can sense the big dicks around me and have hinted about oral sex quite a bit. A coworker took me aside and said that is a new idea here, and she said society is close families, clans etc. and very spiritual, and that I could offend someone easily. She told me to cool it or I could get beat up or worse. Horny gay. Help.

I don’t have much experience serving outside of the United States. I do realize that faggotry isn’t as readily accepted in certain places around the world (like the Middle East, or Russia). However, I tend to think that Men are generally the same when it comes to their basic needs and drives.

It could be a matter of approach. I must admit that, when I read what you wrote, I immediately thought, “Gosh, is he running around blabbing openly about it in front of groups of Men??” If you are, I would stop that.

Men in those kinds of situations need to feel like you can be discreet. Are you giving off that impression? It doesn’t side like that to me.

Just isolate one Alpha and long play it. Start offering to do things for him and slowly increase those offers. True Alphas will respond eventually in some way or another.