Hey! Lately, I found out that I’m not gay, I’m a faggot and I’ve always been this way, and I kinda like being like this, but sometimes something happens and I start feeling that this is not what I should be, I feel embarrassed and ashamed. I do want to be a complete fag but I don’t know how to stop feeling this way. Serving alphas is what I was born to do, but when this happens I end up letting the masters I know down. It’s like I was scared of all this stuff but at the same time in love with it. Does it mean that I’m mistaken about being a faggot or that I’m just starting to find who I am?

Brother, thank you for that brave and honest question! 
First of all, you’re clearly a faggot, More importantly, you have the right attitude toward being a faggot – you have a reverence for the calling and a clear understanding of what it means to serve. 
The thing I do to keep my mind focused on the positive is to meditate on the profound privilege we faggots have to serve and be owned by the world’s greatest Men. What an honor! WE please them and support them as their prized possessions! That’s definitely a reason to be joyful and proud! 
Beyond that, consider this – you understand and accept your place in the Hierarchy! You have PURPOSE! While other males stumble around sufferingfrom delusions and unfulfilled dreams, you are living out exactly what you were born to do! You’re in the exact right place! What a relief to actually know that what you’re doing in life is what you were meant to do!
Don’t despair, my brother. We all have moments of self-doubt. But it’s clear you’re doing well and heading in the right direction! You’ll get there!

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