hey there Fag / Sam I don’t know how to address you but ya my name is nick I’m 42 i’ve been an alpha for years now like 5 years I have 3 fags locked up and 4 who serve me every month but recently I’ve meet a guy fucking godly we started dating and he’s an apex alpha for real we clicked really well and I’ve been submitting to him I know I’m an alpha too but deep down there’s a fag in me that wants to be used by this guy 
he wants to collar and lock  me I don’t wanna say no but I feel like it’s making me just like my own fags and I’m gonna lose control over them 
Mum stuck don’t know what to do should I stop being an alpha ( I really enjoy it and love my fags) should I stop serving him 
got any ideas? 

Sir, thanks for writing to me!
I have heard of Alpha couples (where both Men are Alpha) and share faggots together. Is there any way that can happen here? Or is your Apex Alpha refusing to allow you that? 
Ultimately I find it highly unlikely that you could go from a lifetime of Alphahood to being a faggot at age 42, Sir. You might be star-struck by this Apex Alpha (they are stunning) and that has you discombobulated. In other words, this infatuation might be temporary. I wouldn’t rush into any wholesale changes yet, Sir.

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