So I been dating this gay for a while now and I think he a fag but doesn’t know it. First thing is sex is about getting me off blowjobs mostly because my dick is big and fucking hurts a lot him his first black guy. I don\’t mind because he a hungry cock sucker and always swallows my nut one time I came on my chest and ate it without me saying anything. Also, he did buy a bigger dildo and is working out his hole so he gets fucked more. The other thing is I plan all dates and dinner he just comes along.  I’ve never trained a fag before but I sense with the push he’ll make a good one. I’m looking for ways to guide him down the path of a true fag. 

Sir, thank you for writing to me!
Without any other information, I feel pretty confident in saying that your boyfriend is definitely a faggot. It’s really a shame that our world tries to brainwash people like your boyfriend into thinking that they are equal or that faghood is imaginary or wrong. It’s very real, and once a faggot accepts this about itself it becomes free and deeply fulfilled.
So what you are doing to encourage your boyfriend to embrace his true nature is a loving gesture on your part. Once he accepts this, his service to you will vastly improve and his general demeanor will be much more acceptable. I’m excited for you, Sir!
I have a book coming very soon that will tackle this problem you’re facing with your boyfriend. But I don’t want to leave you without help now, Sir. In the right sidebar of this site is a link entitled “Resources For Faggots” full of helpful information. 
However, I think this article in particular will help your boyfriend. It’s one of my most-linked articles, and it’s entitled “Are You A Faggot?”  
Here’s the link:
I suggest that you have your boyfriend read that article (or better yet, read it together) and then have a frank discussion with him about his truth. Then you should stand up and have him kneel at your feet. Then you should have him kiss your feet, and then tell you “thank you, Sir.” Put your hand on his head and tell him he’s a “good faggot” or “good boy.” Then pull out your cock and feed it your cum in order to reinforce this transformation. 
Beyond that, it might be a good idea to look into locking your boyfriend into chastity. You should be the one to lock him into it, and you’ll want to be the one to clean your faggot. You need to think of your faggot as a beloved dog that, as an owner, you responsibly care for. 
I would welcome any questions you might have, Sir. If you’d like, you can write to me directly at or on KIK at normalsubmissive.
Thank you, Sir!

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