I’m a vers gay man (or maybe I’m a faggot in denial – your site has me questioning this but every time I have sex, and everything I’ve ever read about anal sex – in a non-porn way – heavily emphasizes how important lube is for safety.
Porn likes to make us thing that a good faggot bottom should be able/willing to take his alpha either dry or with just spit as lube. But I’ve topped like that and honestly it wasn’t that much fun for me either. 
In many of your hot stories, there is no mention of the practical side of anal sex. I assume this is because it’s not sexy (lol) but for live-in faggot slaves such as those owned by Alpha Nick & Alpha Nikola, are there standing orders about always having a lubed up fagpussy? Or are there times when things get… messy? Is an undouched fag required to clean his alpha up after?
Forgive me for being graphic.. but these are the real world details that I’m curious about!

Very good.
So first of all, I typed in the word “lube” into the site search, and I came up with seven pages full of posts featuring that subject. So it’s certainly a frequent topic of conversation around here.
That includes posts about the Masters in Toronto. They all use my favorite lube, Gun Oil. It’s just the best lube for anal sex on the market today in my opinion. 
As far as I know they don’t have any rules about applying the lube for sex, but it gets done by somebody. Masters Nick and Matt have very large dicks, so the more lube, the better. The Masters always make their faggots clean out before sex, so there’s little of the mess you discreetly mentioned. However, the Masters always require that their faggots suck their cocks clean once they’ve finished as a sign of respect and a “thank you” to the Master for their fuck and their load.

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