I have a question there: Being a young 20yo alpha, my remote-sub asks me what tasks would I give him when we’re finally together. The thing is: I don’t have many on my mind. I actually like it when boys are creative and have some personal initiative. Hence either I can control if they way of thinking is right and whether what they did pleases me, or if it’s wrong and I have to correct their behaviour. I’d like boys to surprise me and not only mindelessly obey. How should I tackle this problem?

Sir, thank you for writing to me!

I’m always a bit surprised when I hear about Alphas like you attempting ownership with online faggots. You were made for real-time ownership, Sir. To actually have faggots kneeling before you and serving you, pleasing you. In comparison, online ownership is an empty and boring exercise.

And I think that’s why nothing is popping into your head – it bores you.

Here’s the other issue: it’s pretty clear the faggot wants to hear these things from you because it’s masturbating. It’s trying to use you as masturbation material. This is disrespectful to you as both a Man and an Alpha, disrespectful of your time and energy, and is most likely a dead end.

Sir, you’re a 20-year-old Alpha. If you put your mind to it, you could personally own as many faggots as you wish. You could be breeding them, training them, and using them in real time right now. There is simply no reason why you’d devote energy and time into online ownership unless there’s a reasonable chance this faggot is actually going to serve.

You have powerful instincts to hunt, conquer, and kill prey, Sir. That excites you and gets your blood pumping. Focus on what’s real and in front of you, and leave online games to lesser males.

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