Hi, Sam My name is Lukas and I’m 20 years old. I recently stumbled across your website, and I find it really fascinating. It has led me to ask questions about myself, and my place in the hierarchy. I should preface that I’m skeptical to the whole idea of hierarchy in the first place, as it is something I’ve never really come across before (as far as I know). The main question your posts have made me ask is: Am I a faggot? I’m very submissive in the bedroom, and I love it when my partner tells me wat to do, and I love to obey and please him. However, my own pleasure is important to me too. You have said multiple times that a faggots main purpose is to serve, and bring has alpha pleasure. Which I can relate to, but only in some aspects. Bringing a partner pleasure should always be a priority, but I wouldn’t say my purpose in life is to serve someone else, and I don’t see the point if I’m not getting any pleasure out of it too. I do however often fantasize about serving an alpha, being on my knees for him, and obeying his every command. And nothing turns me on more than a dominant man telling me what to do. But this is only a fantasy, I don’t think that would be a fulfilling life for me. Even though I’m very submissive in the bedroom, I’m actually very assertive in most other settings, and that includes alphas. In a relationship, me and my partner would be equals, even though he would preferably dominate me in the bedroom. Can you help me answer the question: Am I a faggot, or just a bottom who is submissive in bed?

Well, I do realize that websites like this one paints a picture of faghood as a generic, homogenized mode of action, but in reality faghood is as varied as the human family itself.

We simply aren’t all the same or respond to stimulus the same way.

I’ve known faggots who are absolute cumdumps, and I’ve known faggots who are borderline autistic when it comes to physical contact. It runs the gamut, honestly. What I try to do here is present the most successful basics of service to Men and leave the rest to each faggot to determine for themselves.

To me, you seem like a faggot. You definitely have some derivations from the norm in your profile. However, I don’t think those disqualify you from being a faggot.

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