Do you think the asylum laws are out of whack in this country? Also have you considered marrying your baby boy to expedite the process of getting him here?

There’s nothing wrong with the asylum laws. There’s something definitely wrong with how they’re handled. We don’t have nearly enough judges assigned there to process these cases. Let me be clear: if you are suggesting that we need to stop taking in people who are seeking asylum, then I absolutely disagree. Go read the words at the base of the Statue of Liberty again. 

As it turns out, that leads into the second part of your question. My baby boy grew up dreaming of a time when he could come live in America in freedom and safety. He spent his young life practicing how to speak English like Americans do on television. It was his dream, much like it’s the dream of many people trapped around the world.

His heart was broken when he found out that Trump had closed off the borders in February of 2017. It was his only hope at the time. Now that his life has drastically changed for the better, he feels very differently toward America. It’s no longer the beacon of freedom for him. Why would he want to come to a place that closed its doors to him, a place where racism is running rampant in the streets? 

Now he is pursuing citizenship in a new country. And I am inclined to leave America and join him rather than bring him into an America that has lost its way.

And that is one of the many tragedies of the last three years in this country.