Hi I’m a bi mwm regular average kind of guy, but with a freeky sissy fem side. Every since having a man make me dress up in women underwear lingerie etc, having him treat, & use me like a bitch, calling me degrading names, while together sexually & me being the female role with him sucking his cock & him making me his bitch by fucking me like a bitch, every since then I want, enjoy, love & really get into dressing up as a girl & being a bitch for him & few other men like the last man i had a sexual relationship with for many years, but since him I can’t find anyone & I want to be with a Black man & have my 1sr ir sexual relationship, so how can I find a Black man to treat me & use me like I want even though I don’t look feminine & girly.  

I find it interesting how one dramatic experience can change our entire outlook. I think more Men should really think about the effects of their power on weaker males and appreciate it.

It sounds like you had a life-changing experience with a one-of-a-kind Alpha. I don’t know how likely it is to find another Alpha like that, but it’s certainly possible.

You might want to look through fetish-oriented sites like Recon or Scruff. Be very detailed in your description.