So, I’m a straight alpha in my late thirties. I’m married, and due to circumstances, haven’t really owned a faggot in a long time, though I still hook up with femboy faggots a fair amount. Not really interested in more masculine looking ones, though sometimes I’ll dress them in my wife’s panties, etc. Well, I’ve suspected for quite some time my son is a faggot, he’s very subservient, especially to me, and I’ve found his stash of gay porn, basically all of it is teen boy fags worshipping alpha daddies. He’s hairless, wears girl’s panties, and I’m sure he wants me too take possession of him. And to be honest, I really want to. Every time I fuck my wife’s pussy, or even another tight teen faggot’s ass, I just keep thinking that not only would his feel even better, that his lips are made for my cock, that he needs to cook and clean for me (which to be fair, he already does). I want him to serve me and be my faggot fucktoy. Is it really wrong for me to take what I want? I’m just feeling a bit conflicted. 

Sir, thank you for writing to me!
There are so many Alpha like you, Sir. I would love to know if you were using faggots from your early years, or if you discovered fag worship later after you got married. Regardless, it’s always amazing to me to see straight Alphas like you taking full advantage of all the pleasure the world offers superior Men like you!
So let’s talk about the real issue: your faggot son. I admire you for realizing and accepting that your son is a faggot. I imagine it’s not easy for an Alpha to admit that about his son. As an Alpha who uses faggots and probably understands us well, you know that your son needs guidance and training if he is going to fulfill his purpose as a faggot. And, as an Alpha, you do understand the Hierarchical importance of finding purpose and fulfillment in whatever role Nature chose for us. I’m sure your son is hungry for an opportunity to feel such fulfillment, Sir.
 As an Alpha, it is not wrong to take what you want, Sir. All things belong to you. In my opinion, that includes your faggot son. If we remove moral judgement and look at the situation Hierarchically, it is not only correct for you to use your son, but it is also imperative that you do so. 
I say this for a couple of reasons:

  1. Your son is already your property, and therefore your responsibility.
  2. Your son is going to learn from Alphas at some point, so it might as well be with an Alpha who does care about him.
  3. Your use of him will help him develop a sense of belonging and acceptance
  4. You will be not only fulfilling your purpose as an Alpha, but also as a father.
  5. Natural Law is not constrained by the laws of humans. Alphas are definitely not.
  6. Your use of him will provide an unforgettable lesson in Hierarchical purpose and order.

To those who might object and accuse me of being cruel and cold, I respond this way: Nature itself is cruel and cold. It is also capable of great beauty. Everything in nature is a reflection of our own viewpoint.
From my perspective, you using your son is a natural outworking of your Alphahood and your son’s faghood. It’s beautiful in its own way. 
Will others understand or accept your use of your faggot son? Probably few will, Sir. But I’m afraid that these people do not understand or appreciate Hierarchical order and purpose. I do. 
I did not grow up with an Alpha father. If I had, I would’ve appreciated his use of me as a young faggot. So I recommend that you teach your faggot son about his purpose while fulfilling yours, Sir. It is the kind, loving, and Hierarchical thing to do.
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