Hi, I am a 53 year old Dominant Alpha who really enjoys having a true submissive faggot to breed. Even at age 53 my balls need to be emptied almost daily. I live in a in a large city in the midwest area of the US. The problem I keep having is that it is hard to find a true submissive faggot that is willing to give up full control when I am with them. I can find lots of guys that tell me they are a sub fag but when it comes time to give up their ass they seem to want to be in control. I find this mostly in the younger guys but have some older ones want their needs met also when in fact I truly don’t give a fuck about any of their needs. Their sole goal in life needs to be to be a cum dump whenever I need it. Have you seen this as a trend lately? Wondering if I should be looking in other areas instead of the usual doublelist or grindr? Any ideas?

Sir, thank you for writing to me! I don’t know if I’ve necessarily seen that as a trend, Sir. In fact, I think the internet is helping to create a new generation of faggots with a more correct mindset. I am trying very hard to do my part to teach this truth.

Have you tried sites like Scruff or Recon? Sniffies seems promising too. I wish you would’ve given a more specific location, Sir. I’m going to put this on the site proper…hopefully a faggot might respond.