I have been a faggot for my top a months now and he is very dominant, he loves to turn me around and kiss and grab all over me which I love. He grunts and moans and I reciprocate while he pleasures me. But he likes to suck my dick and I don’t mind it but it takes me out of my sub space. He wants me to stay hard and I can’t I quickly get soft and start feeling like a faggot again. I told him I like to stay soft because his cock is the only one that matters to me, I don’t care to cum. Unless I do from penetration. 
Is it normal and okay for a fag to not wanna be hard? My pleasure comes from being fucked and cummed in.
Not being hard. 
He sees me 3 times a week and it’s always a bit of an issue. 
Thank you

This is a recurring issue, particularly with gay Alphas who have some natural desires as gay Men to play with and even please a penis. Making it worse is their general inability to understand the faggot mentality and the underlying emotional issues involved.
I think all Alphas who use their faggots sexually need to assume that their faggots DO NOT want any form of genital manipulation. Faggots are ashamed of their skin flaps, and we often have violent reactions against any kind of attention drawn to it. If a faggot expresses interest in that, then the Alpha would (of course) have free reign to do whatever he wants. But the best approach involves assuming that faggots truly hate this kind of attention and moving on from there, because almost all faggots hate it.
And yes, I’m quite cognizant of an Alpha’s right to do whatever he wants with his faggots. The statement above is meant to be a guideline for faggot ownership and use, not a law. Any smart Alpha will have his eye on the long-term maintenance of his faggots. 
With that said, let’s tackle your particular issue. You honestly need to have a heartfelt talk with your Alpha about how it truly feels for you to be touched there. Maybe kneel and lower your head and show respect while you confess this. Hopefully this will move his heart to start considering your feelings in this matter.

But there is nothing wrong with you, brother. Faggots shouldn’t have erections around their Alphas, nor should they be encouraged to have them, but especially if the faggot is uncomfortable.
If he’s an Alpha worth anything at all, this will reach his heart. 
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