First let me say how happy I am to have found your site. Keep up the great work.
I am a middle aged mwm. Tho my story is somewhat long I will condense it for my question.  Back in 1982 I was seduced by my then girlfriends stepfather.  Not seduced like a man would a woman, but rather as an Alpha seduces a faggot. Of course I dint realize that back then. Needless to say I broke up with her and became his sex toy. Well that was many years ago. Now to the present.
I’ve done my job. I have supported my family as a father and husband should. Always carrying thr memories from my youth. 
Recently I have had the honor and privilege of pleasuring a true Alpha Black Man (my first black man). After swallowing his precious seed a few times he decided he need to feel my other hole. The first two times he fucked me he wore a condom.  The first time he entered me it hurt. He is bigger than anything I have had before. But I layer back and told myself to accept him. The second time was much like the first. I should mention he made my caged clitty leak like a fauct both times.
Now for the kicker… the third time we were together we decided I deserved to feel the real him without the latex barrier. First let me say he was my first uncut Cock. Wow.. completely different than a cut one.. so much better.  I digress.. this time he entered me like the others. Concerned for my comfort. Slow and sure and never more than half of his length. He pulled out and let me recover for a moment. When he did, I instantly felt empty and longed for the fullness again. When he entered me again it was different.  No pain at all.. just lust. This time he began to fuck me.. I begged him to give it all to me.. he kept saying I couldn’t handle all of him. I told him to anyway.. his passion increased as did his pace and force. Something happened. Something changed in us both. He became an animal.  He began grunting and growling. My body changed. My mind changed. I felt something deep inside me open and accept him honestly and eagerly.  His fucking was no longer restrained by concern for me, but rather his instinctual need to breed. My soft caged clitty spurred cum all over my belly. This drove him even deeper. I didn’t recognize him anymore. He pushed all the way in and then even deeper to deposit his precious seed deep inside me. He came, filling me. I felt it running out of me as he continued to fuck even tho he just came.. well until once again I spurted my liquid.. when he finally pulled out my whole body was shaking uncontrollably.  My legs spammed and my hole pulsed open.. I have never felt so satisfied… so completely pleasured. 
Now my question.  I do not find Men attractive in any way. ( although now I see a Black man and instantly feel my need to serve him and feel him) 
Is it common for a faggot to not find Men attractive yet at the same time be unable to resist pleasing them?

Congratulations, brother! Your black Alpha cunted you during that third fuck! Cunting a faggot is much like the moment a Man pops a girl’s cherry. You’re changed forever.
I start with that because it explains the shift in your feelings you mention now that he has cunted you. 
Now, let’s tackle your need to serve despite a lack of physical attraction toward the Male form. I’ve often explained here that straight Alphas use faggots because of POWER rather than sexual attraction. Well, the same thing can happen with betas and faggots. You’re turned on by the lack of power you feel in the presence of an Alpha, and the complete power he has.

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