Hi, im 28 years old. I’m a total slut of a faggot that was co-owned by 2 alphas in London – either used by one or the other or both simultaneously if they were both in. I say was owned as due to lockdown and restrictions and me living 100 miles away from them travel is difficult and so I no longer met their needs. I’ve been a faggot serving the needs of various alpha men since I was 16 – I’m pretty clued up and I know that to be a true alpha I mean a god like alpha then dick size is important. I began chatting to a guy who at first ticked all the right boxes, I worshipped his feet and muscles but to my dismay when put to this crotch his erect dick could only have been 4” big 5” at a push and not at all girthy – I really don’t want to be owned by someone like this. My mental health is punched as it is. When my owners had me on London I’d be fucking raped to shreds by their huge girthy cocks (I’ve attached a picture) and often fucked relentlessly by mates of theirs or colleagues. this pretend “alpha” is constantly on me – when he asked me for my details I stressed that I’m a total size whore and work best on men who are well endowed – I just think it’s a waste and it’s using a resource from a true alpha one that may well  have serious need of full throat accommodation. I mean this local “fake” isn’t even aggressive – I’ve not known many alphas or tops that only like missionary, I’m not used to it.  help what do I do !!! 

Size queens like you really frustrate me. You’re calling this Alpha “fake” because he doesn’t have an 11″ cock? Because he doesn’t act like a rampaging bull he’s not “real”?
Do you have any idea how fucking stupid you sound when you say shit like that?
This Man can’t do anything about his cock size, right? According to your “logic”, people who are crippled and can’t walk need to stay off the sidewalk. Here, try plugging this into your cum-soaked brain: he’s a MAN and you’re a FAGGOT. By virtue of him not being a faggot, he’s higher on the food chain than YOU.
I know you think you’re some special little princess faggot whose pussy shits Skittles and queefs dreams, but in reality you’re just a cumrag for real Men … real Men like this one you’ve cruelly slandered.
Adjust your attitude faggot. I think you’re the one who “just doesn’t get it.”

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