Hey Sam. I am serving a straight Alpha who is also my best and basically only friend. It’s been tricky but we made it work for a long time. I have always been serving him financially and just doing services for him. For the last 5 months it’s been sexual as well. I’m 23, he’s 24. He has never had a girlfriend, but now a girl at his work is showing interest in him and he is interested as hell in her. How do I continu to serve him while I know he will dismiss me as soon as he is with a woman? And I know this will likely happen on pretty short term. I have been crying myself to sleep since Thursday, when he told me. He as explained to me this is a risk of serving a straight Alpha, and I get that. But it hurts SO much… And he wants me to continu to serve right now as well, but we live 200km away and with this pandemic I can’t even meet him. Please, do you have any advice for this hurting, absolutely devastated, faggot? He is all I care about in this world, I would do anything for him. I honestly don’t think I can survive losing him as my Daddy, but I also worry our friendship will cease to exist. I hurts so excruciatingly much to imagine losing him from my life…

Oh I’m so sorry my brother! My heart is broken for you!

Like he said, this is the danger of serving a straight Alpha (frankly, I’m surprised he understands it that deeply). I had this happen multiple times, including two Alphas that I desperately loved (and it was my obsessive love that effectively ended it all). It never really disappears completely.

My advice is for you to be as worshipful and accommodating as possible with him. Be faithful. Don’t throw emotional hissy fits. Stand beside your Alpha and serve as much as he allows or wants.

Ultimately you know that this girl will never match your skill, devotion, and loyalty. He will yearn to be worshiped by his faggot, especially when she’s upsetting him.

Then you just need to ride it out. Stay occupied. Most of all, know that you provided him the worship he deserved. No matter what happens from here, he will always carry that in his heart.

Write to me anytime at fagsworshipalphas@gmail.com. If possible, I’d love to talk to your Alpha as well.

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