Um im sorry if this is the wrong place to go im just nervous about using reddit or other not very regulated sights. Im new to this ive been a closet fag all my life as my family is very homophobic, im so so desperate to be owned by a master that is BRUTAL like will take over my life, break me down, and build me a new one to serve,i know im a faggot and i shouldnt have a say but i want my first time to be special with a master i can trust and hopefully serve for a long time but its hard to not only find one but find one that is what im looking for. I hope you can help me or at least point me in the right direction. from london , sorry if this isnt the right place i love your whole blog and hopefully one day i can maybe make it on her myself to please you or something 🙂 um haveva nice evening sorry im really nervous writing this um. If maybe you would ever be interested in talking my number is (number removed) even if its just online becauze i think your from the US it would make, well it would be the best thing to ever happen to me. Sorry for disturbing sir.

I have a book called “May I Serve You, Sir” designed to help you make introductions to Alphas in general. But if you’re looking for something that specific, you’ll need to go to sites/apps like Scruff, Recon, DoubleList, or Sniffies (maybe) in order to find them. Grindr can be good too, but it’s a bit too generic for what you want.

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