my straight alpha of 2 years finally got married in march of 2020. a day before his wedding he sent me a text informing me our relationship is over and I’m not to make contact with him ever again. it broke my heart, in fact it made me live in misery for months. He was all man and all alpha, what fags pussies dream of! I stopped communicating with him per his wish but now after almost 10 months he sends me a text wanting a blowjob. I was both shocked and pleased to get this. I asked him what happened? he didn’t reply. So I met him and performed well. He told me after he came how much he craved this moment! he was a total animal, I could tell he was sexually starved. He said his “wife” stopped giving him oral pleasure months ago! what the hell is wrong with women? she gets to have this god of a man as her husband and she refuses to please him? I’d kill to be this man’s spouse! I’d kill to have that honor! anyway, now he feels guilty and wants to be faithful to his wife, my question is, what are the chances of me sucking his dick again? 

Brother, what an incredible story, and (sadly) extremely common. Over the years some of the straight Alphas I served who married and moved away would call me to tell me tales similar to what you said above and tell me how much they miss using me … like you said above, why do they make these choices that run counter to their Alpha programming? It’s mystifying, honestly.
I’m really proud of you for swallowing your pride (and his load) and taking him back! Even if it was only one time (for now), you served an important function in this god’s life!
Which deftly leads to my prediction: you will absolutely suck his cock again. That is a 100% FWA guarantee!  
Why am I so sure? From my experience, straight Alphas who experience faggot service and then return to a life of domesticity with a female simply cannot get the faggot out their heads. Their wives simply cannot match the pure release and worship a faggot provides, so the contrast gnaws at them. That’s different from a gay Alpha, who knows he can get fag pussy anytime he wants and there isn’t anything unique about the ones he owns.
Your Alpha is at home right now thinking about how good it feels with you on your knees sucking the life out of his cock. He’ll be back.

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