HI Sam,
 Just wanted you to know that you helped me a lot in accepting that I’m a fag. It’s been a long journey and I’m finally proud to admit it. I was struggling with always touching my dick while getting fucked by my husband and I knew I needed to stop as a sign of respect toward Him. Guess what! It’s been 6 months and I haven’t touch my dick when my alpha fucks me! I finally taught myself to only get pleasure from my man hole and Him and I only focus on His desire to cum. My job is the say, “Thank you for cumming in me Sir.” He then rolls over and it’s my job to suck his cock, clean him up before he goes to sleep. I’m so proud to be his fag and to be used by Him. So needless to say that I don’t cum anymore while getting fucked and it’s only about His cock. He gives me permission to jack off after though but never during sex. So, thanks for bringing that out of me. I do have a question though. Do you know any good sites/chat forums where I can talk to other subs about being a fag? I have bdsmlr but its kinda clunky and less interactive with people. What are your thoughts?

Wow, that’s awesome! I’m glad to hear that you have made such great progress on your journey toward complete fulfillment! It makes a difference, doesn’t it?
I’m a little surprised that your Alpha has allowed you to go on so long with some of these kinds of habits. He must be a very forgiving and patient Man! You didn’t mention how long you’ve been serving him, though, so that might make a difference.
You’re taking the same route that I took for many years by controlling masturbation with the mind rather than a cage. I think as you descend further into your faghood you will be compelled (as I was) to finally go into chastity. It made a huge difference, let me tell you!
As far as a chat room to speak with other faggots (and Alphas), yet this site now has a Discord server devoted to that very thing. It’s brand new, but I have no idea how you missed it because I’ve been plastering it everywhere! It’s growing quickly! 
I hope to see you there, brother! Keep up the good work!
GO HERE: https://discord.gg/kUAwUe3dPu

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