Hey Sam,
Once again I am asking you for advice. I’m the fag that was devastated after finding out my Daddy will dismiss me if something is to happen between him and a girl at work he has interest in. (https://fagsworshipalphas.com/question/how-to-continu-serving/)
Now so far nothing happened, I tried following your advice about emotional fits, but I must admit I did have difficulty with that and I had a good conversation with Daddy. He told me I will be dismissed if something were to happen with this girl, but he wants me to continue serving him for the time being and he wants me to continue being his good little slut. He also wants to meet up when possible (covid lockdown…) to fuck me and allow me a worship session where I can do anything I want with his godly body. Now I am still very sad, because he also told me he basically doesn’t care much about me, but he just enjoys using me. I KNOW, that’s amazing as a fag, but I can’t help feeling emotionally attached and feeling a little hurt he cares so little about me. But I am also very grateful. Basically I’m a conflicted fag…
Anyways to get to the point of my question. He sent me a link to a 900 euros watch that he is interested in. I kinda want to buy it for him, as a surprise for when I do visit him to worship him. But also… It’s a lot of money, he doesn’t require it of me and he also discourages it. Reality is, he might dismiss me the next few months and it’s basically half my monthly paycheck. I think my underlying reason to wanting to buy it for him is to make him appreciate me more and consider keeping me, but I know that is a stupid thought…
Should I buy it for him? What is your advice, o-wise-fag? 

This is a follow-up to THIS QUESTION from earlier this month.
I can’t tell you whether you should buy a 900 Euro watch ($1089 dollars) for this straight Alpha who is possibly going to dismiss you. That’s a lot of money regardless of what you made in salary per month, but it’s a backbreaker if you’re making as little as you are.
My gut reaction is to tell you that you should not buy it for him. However, I know faggots don’t always listen to reason. But my advice would be that you should only give it to him if you are able to let it go completely. It can’t be a situation where you bring up the watch as a reason why he should value you or stay. This goes for any faggot serving financially. 
I don’t think you’re capable of doing that.

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