Hi there! first let me say thank you for all you do. I’ve been reading and listening to some of your stuff for a few weeks now and feel so liberated as a faggot.  I have so many questions for you, but I won’t ask them all here. I am a cock whore, and during the pandemic I’ve been staying at home. Literally I haven’t serviced a cock since February 2020. My first question is: do you think it’s safe to service an Alpha during this time if I meet them on Grindr? If so, what are some safety measures a faggot could take? my other question, since the pandemic I’ve obviously spent more time at home and had lots of time to deepen my desire to serve an Alpha Man. However, this desire has grown A LOT. Often times I feel so mentally distracted by my desire to masturbate my pussy. Even when I feel exhausted or my pussy hurts and is tender I still manage to finger it or fuck it with my dildo. And often times I’ll catch myself zoning out with no emotion, just mindless and motionless desperately and vigorously fucking my pussy. I use lube (sometimes). And because I become so vigorous and zoned out I’ll notice that I fuck my pussy to bleeding. Not a lot of blood. But enough to question if I’m mentally ok? Because I secretly enjoy getting pounded to bleeding. So my question: is this strange? Is it wrong that I desire an Alpha Man to forcibly take me without lube and rip my hole making it creamy and bloody? anyway I have many more questions but we’ll end it there for now.  sincerely, desperate faggot 

desperate faggot,
It’s a little weird, obviously, but it’s related to the rape fantasy that seems to be genetically baked into most faggots. It’s not particularly healthy, as mental conditions go. But the only way to learn is to try it and see. 

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