I have been straight all of my life. I’m 39. Never had a thought. When I was married I had a fantasy of watching my wife and being a cuckold. I never told her and she ended up leaving for a real alpha After we divorced I sought out an alpha and decided to suck his thick cock. Although I still date women I still need to suck thick cock. I also get off when I’m called a faggot. Is this a fetish ? Or am I confused? Am I a real faggot ? I know I’m a beta. 


Your marriage doesn’t mean you are partially gay or not a faggot. Lots of faggots make the mistake of hiding behind the facade of heterosexual marriage and subsequently waste many valuable years.  
I think you are probably a faggot or an extremely submissive beta. It is not a fetish. You were born to perform these natural duties, but you’ve been in denial. 

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