sam, you build a convincing framework for hierarchy, and yet also ignore the longstanding history and traditions of BDSM/Leather that could also be incredible assets for Alpha’s and faggot’s learning. i am not saying convert a Straight Alpha into a Leather Bar Daddy, but rather, that the mindsets and practices of Dominants and submissives are a rich set of practices that already exist that could be really useful building blocks for all rather than inventing a framework de novo. These traditions build in healthy guardrails that prevent abusive relationships, which is essential for truly being able to live as a faggot in real life. It also feels important to respect the contributions of the many Dominant Alpha Men, past and present, who have built these traditions and practices about living Alpha/fag, Dom/sub hierarchy. Is there a reason this knowledge largely isn’t built into your conceptions of hierarchy?

That’s an important question, Sir. I recently mentioned in a podcast episode that I don’t really know much about the leather community. It’s not something that has been big or widely known where I have lived, and from my Midwestern background the scene seemed silly. It always felt like “dress-up dominance” or play-acting rather than a Man and faggot simply living their roles.
You make a compelling argument for more, Sir, and I appreciate it. I would welcome a post from you to publish here detailing why the scene is important in the D/s Hierarchy. I would love it, in fact, Sir. You can email me at!

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