Hi I’m a British fag, living in London. I’m 24, in good shape and have been told I’m fairly attractive, which I think might be my issue. 

I wasn’t to be owned as I know that’s what’s a fag like me needs, but when ever I get close to a Dom or a master they end up wanting to just date me. I’m really jealous of some of the ugly fags I know that can get properly abused by Doms but this is something that I’ve never been able to revive myself. 

I think being owned by a str8 master would solve this but I don’t know where to find one here. 

Please can you, or some of the others here give me some advice.

Stand back, ugly faggots! As head ugly faggot, I’ll handle this one!
Your “theory” about only ugly faggots being worthy of slave-like treatment is ridiculous. Do you know how many gorgeous faggots out there serve as cumdumps for Alphas?? Check out Ruslan Angelo, for example. He’s a gorgeous faggot who absolutely identifies as a faggot cumbucket slave to Men. Master Nick, Master Matt, and Master Jin from Toronto all own beautiful Asian faggots who are completely enslaved by their Masters.
Your natural beauty and your conceited, precious princess attitude might win over some Alphas, but I’d like to get your cute little ass imprisoned by some truly cruel Masters and see how fresh and beautiful you are after that! 
And don’t tell me you can’t find any in London. I know they’re there. You’re not looking hard enough because you’re either too dumb or too scared of what you’ll actually find. 
P.S. You know a “faggot” is a goner when it’s so far up its own ass that it can actually type loving soliloquies about its own beauty and then hit “send” for everyone to read without even thinking twice. Conceited little cunt.

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