though this definitely isn’t true for everyone, the actual posting of the answer to that question on your website was not a problem; it is your website and you’re not breaking the law so you can do what you like. 
The issue is that the post was “sexualising minors”, and that is strictly forbidden by discord’s community guidelines and TOS, and could lead to the server being deleted and all users that are a part of it being permanently banned.
I personally left the server only because I am a member of several other servers and did not want to be banned.
Keep doing what you’re doing, brother, just pay attention to discod TOS 


Whatever. The post was deleted shortly after I woke up and discovered the issue four hours later. These embarrassing “Alphas” acted like a bunch of gossiping old hens. Fuck them. I’m not here to win a popularity contest with a bunch of pussies. My only interest remains in teaching and supporting Hierarchy. The rest of it is immaterial to me or my purpose.

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