I seriously feel relieved I found this site 
Few quick questions:
1)is it uncommon for a straight man, to later become a fag in his 30s with no previous bi behavior ? 
2)Alphas requesting their fag to feminize: is this common?

3) my desires to be fag come and go …. in between my hero activities. I can’t control it … I’m about two years into this… Does it just intensify? Or stay this pattern of on and off 

Brother, I’m glad you’re here and learning the truth about Hierarchical roles!

  1. It is uncommon for that to blossom unprovoked in one’s thirties, but not unheard of. I think it probably has something to do with a growing inadequacy (the origin of which I do not know).
  2. Alphas don’t typically “request” anything, they command, And yes, many straight Alphas do like to feminize their faggots (which is natural given their sexual interests). Gay Alphas don’t for the same reason.
  3. I’m not sure what “hero activities” means … is this some sort of “Unbreakable” deal or what? Anyway, these feelings will not be going away and will likely intensify. You’ll naturally want to experience the fullness of these feelings in your life. I think you need to focus and pursue the path and see where it leads.