I have a boyfriend that I love so so so much, and he fucks me so good but I feel like something is missing. He treats me as his equal and I thought it was what I wanted and deserved but I need him to be more. I want him to control me. I need for him to just use my body and treat my body as if he owned it. How do I tell him this without freaking him out? How do I tell him I and to be his property. I want him to control me in every way possible, but I don’t know how to tell him.

It’s a common problem, brother. Many Men simply cannot understand the desperate need faggots have to completely submit and serve them. It runs counter to everything they have learned about Men and Male purpose.

However, for a faggot, total submission and service to Men is LIFE. It’s how we are born into this world, and the only purpose we can comprehend. This needs to be impressed upon sweet-natured Men like your boyfriend.

Ordinarily I would recommend to you that you should really ramp up the submissive gestures (like kneeling, serving, kissing his feet, and calling him Sir) in an effort to trigger his dominant instincts. You should definitely still do all of that, but I really think you need to talk to him about this need directly.

Kneel before him and kiss his feet. Look up into his eyes and tell him that you don’t want to be his boyfriend, but rather you want to be his faggot. His property.

Earnestly speak from your heart, and don’t hold back. This is the moment you can truly, finally, be free. I’m hoping this turns him on so much that he takes you into the bedroom and cunts you. Good luck, and keep me informed!

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