hey Sam, long time reader here. So recently I moved to a big city and I’m getting adjusted to the big city life. Anyway my next door neighbor is this insanely hot 20 something man. I mean he is beyond gorgeous. First time I laid my eyes on him I wanted to drop on my knees and suck him off. So my strategy was to establish familiarity so I’d say hi to him whenever we met. I then introduced myself to him and he was polite enough. This encouraged me to invite him for dinner one night. He declined he said he was busy that night. I felt I was coming on too strong perhaps so I backed off. A couple of weeks went by and then out of no where he invites me to his place for a drink. I said to myself wow what happened? I was excited so I went to his place we had a couple of drinks. He began to ask me about where I’m from and stuff like that then he asked me “you’re gay right?” i said yes i am he said do you have a boyfriend I said no. During this whole time I could not keep my eyes off his bulge. He then said would you like suck my dick? I swear to god that was the happiest moment of my life! I SAID FUCK YES! he skull fucked me for a good 10 minutes then came all over my face! it was great! afterwards he’d call me every time he wanted head and I could not be more pleased! I know he’s straight and he has a girlfriend but it feels so good when he texts me to suck him off!! I’m 41 years old I’ve had my share of being told no when I offered my services but thanks to you and the knowledge I learned from you I managed to give subtle hints and clues to let the men know I’m available without scaring them off! I’m so thankful to you! Thank you! 


I am SO HAPPY for you, my brother! Your approach and execution were flawless! It’s very likely that he’s used/owned faggots before and recognized what you truly are. Alphas have a magic eye when it comes to faggots, and we simply cannot hide from them. 
As if we want to hide!
I’m sure he’s so grateful to have had a faggot cocksucker move in right next door. It makes receiving discreet service that much easier. I wonder if that’s all he wants from you. I would definitely offer domestic service and see if you can coax ownership out of him. Oftentimes straight Alphas don’t realize or understand the full range of what they’re entitled to from faggots. But once we offer more, they will many times take more.
Nice job though, my brother! Keep me posted on how it develops!

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