Hello Sammy! love the blog and podcast! I am 31 and trying desperately to stop wanting to touch my dick and embrace my pussy as my sexual organ. I dream of being a good sub chastity bottom but I can’t stop masturbating when I’m horny. How do I train my brain to stop going straight to my dick? I use a dildo often and realize that my whole body feels complete, but I can never orgasm with the dildo by itself, I always start touching my dick. I feel shame after, I’m embarrassed that I allowed myself to do it. Any help you can provide for me to realistically become a good bottom is appreciated!  thank you!

I can’t speak for everybody, but in my case the biggest change occurred within my heart and headlong before chastity. First of all, I was trained by a couple of Alphas early in my life to keep my hands away from my clit while serving. Mind you, that was never much of a problem even back then (I just never was as interested in my clit as I was in their dicks).
But maybe four years ago I began to really develop a deep shame no only whenever I touched my clit sexually (in masturbation, for example), but also whenever I would pee standing up like a Man or even sitting in a chair like a Man. It was this growing ache of shame inside me, and every day I carried it in me like a scarlet letter on my heart.

Then I met Master Jin and Master Nick, then Sir Rob and Master Kyle. These Apex Alphas are such extraordinary examples of true Manhood in all respects, and their absolute power finally broke down my resistance. I was finally moved to act to make the statement of permanent chastity in my life.

So that’s my journey. You will need to find your own motivators. But ultimately you’ll need to become disgusted enough with the practice of masturbation to permanently put it away. It’s like a smoker trying to quit smoking. The ones who successfully stop smoking put the cigarettes down and say to themselves, “that’s disgusting, and I don’t want them anymore.” You need to reach that kind of conclusion about masturbation.

Trust me. The peace and serenity of honoring Men with your abstinence is much better than the momentary pleasure of masturbation.

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