so my best friend fucked me. It was a huge mistake because I really valued our friendship and I knew sex would ruin it. it’s been a week now and the dynamic is off. He’s acting strangely and I feel awkward in his presence. last night he texted me wanting head but I said no. can anything be done to save our friendship? maybe not hanging out for a while will help matters? what do you think? 

I have always said that you shouldn’t get into a service-oriented situation with a friend unless you’re willing to lose the friendship. Why? Because the Alpha will lose important and necessary respect for the bottom he used sexually, and the dynamic drastically changes with sex now involved. The Alpha doesn’t know what to do with this male friend he has fucked; he doesn’t want to date a male, but with sex involved the friendship is no longer traditional. 

It’s also important to remember that Men compartmentalize their lives effectively. They are like kids that don’t want food items in a meal to touch on a plate. Having a friend that he also fucks mixes too many compartments in his mind, and that becomes an issue emotionally for him.

I think you’ll need to forget about the friendship and accept the new reality: you are his faggot, his cumdump. He’s already demonstrating this new role to you by contacting you for head. He’s not going to want to go fishing or to a ballgame with you anymore, unless it might mean that he receives sexual release. 

You probably feel a sense of loss because of this new reality, but you don’t need to worry about that. Being his faggot is a very special commission, too. Dive headfirst into this new reality, and become the best fag whore possible for him. 

And next time remember this lesson.

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