Why would you make a t-shirt that says “faggot” in huge letters on it? Most Alphas want a fag who will be discreet and “normal”, not flaming around in a faggot t-shirt. It’s most likely going to scare an Alpha off. That fog cant be trusted to be discreet. And the word is offensive to a great number of people including a lot of gay men. It’s like your throwing it in the face of anyone who sees it whether they like it or not. I just don’t think you thought this one through.

Let me ask you this – what happens when a fag wears that shirt to a club or certain parties? I don’t think the shirt should be worn when dining at The Olive Garden, but there are places where such a shirt can be useful. 

Fags are constantly complaining that they don’t know how to make it clear that they are available. Well guess what? Here’s one way.

The response I’ve received so far from that design has been positive thus far. I appreciate your concern, but ultimately the market will decide what works or doesn’t work.

You can buy it by clicking here!

Or clicking here!

C’mon … that’s a handsome shirt!