I enjoy service from a guy. Oral and anal. Sometimes I feel like serving. I enjoy both positions equally. Can someone be alpha yet beta? Dominant yet submissive? I enjoy going deep in a guy but love to get face fucked just as much.
I was face fucked so hard once that I came without touching myself. I have a 9in dick. I think because of that, most men don’t consider I enjoy being face fucked like the girls in porn. I sorta envy the girls in porn but I am in no way ashamed of my dick. Im proud of it actually.
So am I in the middle? A beta/sub with a nice dick?

Sir, yes you can take the middle ground. It’s called being a “switch.” While I generally think over time you will settle on your preference, right now you’re simply enjoying all of the sensations you can experience as a Man, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Enjoy, Sir!

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