Is it possible for you to remove the ads on The Legendary Thread? I sent my alpha friend that page so he could understand the phenomenon and he immediately closed it after saying “why is there gay shit on the side? fuck this.” I think if there was a special ad-free format specifically for that page, it would cause less automatic repulsion within Alphas stepping into the new territory.

This alpha likes to degrade and humiliate me as well as joke about fucking me (teasing me in ways that make him feel powerful?). When he’s drunk he’ll start telling me over and over again how he “need a hole to get off in. Any hole.” I asked him if that meant he’d let me suck him off and he hesitated then said yes if he couldn’t see my face. He’s mentioned multiple times how he needs to find a girl version of me because of the things I’d let men to do to me, as well as because of my mind (he’s super lonely and “loves that he can talk to me about anything”). He’s also drunkenly said that if I was a girl he’d fly over to america and fuck the shit out of me.

I say all that just to exemplify that I feel he’s really close to tapping into the world of using faggots, but I really really needed him to read the perspectives of other Straight Men so he could realize, “Oh, I’m still straight. I can just use them like a fleshlight and I’m still a Man.” When he’s drunk he has no issue stating it, but his sober mind… blockage is still there, thus why that page was so critical to his awakening.

Anyway, my chance to send him to that page is gone, but for future new-to-fag alphas, I truly think a lack of gay imagery on the side would help them not be repulsed and then that’s one more alpha using fags in the world XD.

(no worries if it can’t be done for any reason. You’ve got your reasons for the way things are structured!)

I am not changing the layout of a successful website to cater to one Alpha’s internalized homophobia. Do you know how many Alphas have discovered the Truth through those sidebar links? Too many to count!
You know, instead of being a lazy faggot and telling this Alpha “here, go to and see what you think,” you could’ve sent him information tailored to his need for information without the porn.
Stuff like this:


NOT TO MENTION THAT I EVEN WROTE AN ENTIRE BOOK designed to help straight Alphas understand the purpose of faggots!!!!
I mean, there a metric shit-tons of resources on this site specifically geared toward helping straight Alphas discover fag worship that you could’ve sent him, but you took the lazy way out.

No, I’m not redesigning the website for you. Get off your ass and use the resources I’ve already created.

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