Hello sam i am a faggot from India , i have read your book 5 times ” May I serve you sir” and also i regularly read your articles and hear your podcast . I had tried very hard to find an alpha male who could become my master , my god on various apps and websites as per your tips but i could not find an alpha master yet in india , kindly please hep me with authentic resources to help me find a real alpha whom i can serve in india . i am very well aware that i have been created for serving a real alpha male , please help me with real websites or apps i can use to find alpha masters in india. please give a detailed answer.

My brother, thank you for writing!
I occasionally receive messages from faggots in India, a culture that isn’t exactly gay-friendly. It’s like the Middle East (not as bad, though) in that people are quite closed-off to even experimentation. 
However, it does seem that the site fetlife.com has been successful for some Doms and subs to connect with each other in India. I don’t know if doublelist.com is working in India, or Recon. 
This is the main issue – I’m not familiar enough with the workings of other cultures to specifically advise on this. I’m just spitballing and guessing. 
As always, the best method remains the same – approach an Alpha in person and offer to be of service in some way. You have the book – use it. I made it to be given to Men so they can learn and understand what you’re offering.

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