Hello. It’s the fag who loves his bf. Well I did what you said and when I talked to him about it. At first he wasn’t to into it. But when I started calling him sir. Not looking him in the eyes when I kneeled at his feet. I know you said to look him in the eye but it felt more submissive not too. And he totally got turned in. He is now willing to give this a try. Thank you!

This is in response to an answered question about awakening an Alpha boyfriend. CLICK HERE for that original question!


Very good application of my advice! I’m glad to hear you improvised the way you did! It came from your heart, brother, and that is the key to successful faggot service!

I guarantee that your boyfriend is about to discover something deep and meaningful develop inside of him with you serving him as his faggot. What an exciting moment, all due to your simple but profound act of submission!

Keep me informed!

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